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Lead  MCX tips to trade in Commodity market

Lead is a highly volatile and right trade gives us a very good profit. We trade daily in MCX base metals including Lead. We track UK and USA economy and then decide when to enter intraday trade with buy or sell view.

Lead is a chemical element in the carbon group. Lead is a soft, malleable poor metal. It is also counted as one of the heavy metals. Metallic lead has a bluish-white color after being freshly cut, but it soon tarnishes to a dull grayish color when exposed to air. Lead has a shiny chrome-silver luster when it is melted into a liquid.

Lead is used in building construction, lead-acid batteries, bullets and shots, weights, fusible alloys, and as a radiation shield. Lead has the highest atomic number of all of the stable elements, although the next higher element, bismuth, has a half-life that is so long (much longer than the age of the universe) that it can be considered stable. Its four stable isotopes have 82 protons, a magic number in the nuclear shell model of atomic nuclei.







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For Intra day recommendations and Advisory service on: Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural Gas, Copper, COMEX etc. to clients trading on COMEX, NYMEX, DGCX etc.

Lead, at certain contact degrees, is a poisonous substance to animals as well as for human beings. It damages the nervous system and causes brain disorders. Excessive lead also causes blood disorders in mammals. Like the element mercury, another heavy metal, lead is a neurotoxin that accumulates both in soft tissues and the bones. Lead poisoning has been documented from ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and ancient China.

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24 hour $US Dollar price per pound

24 hour $US Dollar price per pound
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